Friday, 7 February 2014

My January challenge of having 8+ servings of fruit and vegetables a day

At the beginning of the year I started a challenge of trying something new each month to help me lead my best life. I used to be afraid of trying new things. I thought 'what if I fail?' Do you know where that thinking got me? That's right... nowhere! I lived in my own self imposed prison. I wasted so much time with fear. I limited myself. Not anymore! I found a way to change my mindset about trying new things and now I am living a rich and exciting life. Who cares if I fail? Look what I learned! Anyway, I am now into trying things, so...

January was having 8+ servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Why do you ask? Well I was just coming out of December where we all know that is overindulgence month. I felt unhealthy, tired, foggy and forgetful. It was not pretty. This was not my best life! What can I do to change that? I was already exercising so I looked at my diet. Sure I have vegetables but usually only with dinner. And when was the last time I ate an apple? Seriously! I need to change that!

There is a campaign in the UK of having 5+ servings a day. Why didn't I just stick with that? Well if you know me I get a little over enthusiastic and a little OTT. So 8 it became. How can I do that? That is a lot! Well.....

I bought my produce, saw it all laid out on my table and thought..... I'll juice it! Best decision I made. It was soooo easy to put all those lovely nutrients into my body. Have you ever juiced? Delicious if you have the right recipes. You'd think I would like the sweeter fruit juices but I adored the green vegetable ones. They were yummy and filling. How did it make me feel?

At first I started with a juice a day and that covered my 8+. But one week I did a 5 day challenge where all I did was juice. It was amazing. The first couple of days were hard because I was withdrawing from my usual diet. But the third day I gained a clearer head and tons of energy. I am surprised my friends didn't get sick of me. I was bouncing around like a little puppy dog! I felt great. It took care of my tiredness, fogginess and forgetfulness. It did exactly what I set out to change. Yay me! (Important to acknowledge and celebrate achievements however big or small).

Even if it didn't turn out like it did I still would have won. Along the way I learned so much about nutrition. My old diet fed me but it was empty calories. There were hardly any nutrients. My body was starving for those and kept saying "I'm hungry". I would feed it but it would be the wrong things like fat, sugar and other things to fill my tummy up. The body wanted nutrients, didn't get it, so would keep saying "I'm hungry". I kept eating. If only I had given it nutrients it would have shut up and I wouldn't have put on those extra 10 pounds!

You'll be happy to know I am continuing with my juicing. One a day. I love it and even crave it. I've even managed to lose some weight without thinking about it. Try juicing, you just might like it. If you don't try it, why not? Don't waste time limiting yourself. Live a rich and full life.... your BEST LIFE.

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