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Inspirational Interview #2: Nicola Neve, owner of Nicola Neve Jewellery

As part of my mission to help as many mothers as I can, I have come up with the idea of interviewing mothers just like you and me that decided to take the plunge and go after what they want in life! The courage and determination it takes to do this is incredible. I hope by having them tell their stories it will inspire you to stretch your wings and fly! Enjoy!

x Tamara

Inspirational Interview #2: Nicola Neve, owner of  Nicola Neve Jewellery

Nicola Neve has three daughters and a lovely husband. She owns Nicola Neve Jewellery which specializes in hand cutting, finishing and personalising sterling silver jewellery. It is very special because she designs and creates a bespoke piece that  reflects the story and life of the wearer. You can find out more by going to her FB and website pages listed at the bottom of the page.

How are you leading a life 'doing what you love'?
I decided when my youngest daughter went to nursery that I would start beading and making necklaces and bracelets while I was on my own, to make a little extra pocket money. I tried really hard at craft fairs and lunchtime local business sales, but it never really took off as I had hoped. So, I decided to 'up my game' and learn silversmithing, it has been one my best life decisions!

What did you do before this?
Before this and before children I was an accountant, well a part qualified one. Office based...I do miss that office banter!

What was your a-ha moment that pushed you to change things and realise your passion?
I had this massive desire, almost fear to not have to go back into an office based role and be answerable to somebody else and not be around for my children... Yet, we needed me to earn. I have always loved silver, it was my Mum and my Grandmother that really inspired me...they both wore rings on their fingers and bells on their toes! They both glittered as I grew up and loved pretty things. So it just took this natural turn...

Beautiful silver star ring
How did you make it happen?
When my youngest daughter started school full time, it freed up some space for me to train. I found a silversmith tutor and have never looked back.

How do you see your new life affecting your children?
Positively... I see them inspired, I see myself leading by example, working hard at a job I love, I see them proud of their Mummy and their Mummy proud of herself. Negatively, I work a 40+ hour week, I feel that I am distracted and beat myself up constantly, like other working mums for not having enough time with my family.

What has been your biggest challenge during this time, and how did you overcome it?
The hours I work and the knock on effect it has on my family and friends. How thin I have to spread myself. I haven't overcome it, I just try very hard to have one on one time, to look my favourite people in the eye every day. And smile! I want to be the one to teach my children to be happy.

What is the best advice you have received?
Engage with your customers, show them a little of who you are  and don't feel bad about not giving the children enough attention, what they don't get from you, they get from each other.  I still find myself feeling guilty though, but it does help a little!

Nicky in her workshop
How do you juggle your business with family life?
It's tricky to juggle. I never work in the workshop at the weekend, I always have admin to do, but it is home based, so I am with my family constantly. My husband and I try and grab as much time as we can together. We always eat together as a family...that is very important to us...that time is really sacred.

Tell me more about the business.
I handcraft sterling silver jewellery, personalised to order, with each piece reflecting the life of the wearer. I liaise extensively with the client to ensure their work is just right for them, I love that bit!  I work alone, which I adjusted to, relatively well. Facebook has been my platform and has launched the business incredibly.

Charm necklace
What is the biggest noticeable difference in your life since choosing this new path?
I am more confident, it's lovely to be told you are good at something,  I'm happiest in this job than any other I have had (motherhood aside) I'm so much busier than I ever imagined, I earn and I have choices now as opposed to being forced into a corner.

What is key to making a big change in your life?
Having people that depend on you and having the confidence to take on the challenge

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