Wednesday, 11 December 2013

In the spirit of giving

As I sit here looking at the festive decorations, I notice I have a lot of angels. It made me think about what angels mean to me and I came across this quote that I love. 

What is one thing you can do today to make a difference to someone else? Maybe it is something small like a smile or perhaps a bit bigger like buying a cup of coffee for someone. Perhaps a friend is struggling and you offer to watch their children or make dinner for them. It is whatever you feel you can give. And you know what? The most amazing thing will happen...... Not only will that person feel better from your kindness but you will too! Try it. You might just like it!


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Inspirational Interview #1: Gayle Jones, owner of Bella G Vintage

As part of my mission to help as many mothers as I can, I have come up with the idea of interviewing mothers just like you and me that decided to take the plunge and go after what they want in life! The courage and determination it takes to do this is incredible. I hope by having them tell their stories it will inspire you to stretch your wings and fly! Enjoy!


Inspirational Interview #1: Gayle Jones, owner of Bella G Vintage

Gayle Jones, a mother to two beautiful children and a new business owner of Bella G Vintage. Bella G Vintage provides two services: They create their own one off pieces that you can buy or you can commission them to work on a piece of furniture that you already own. It truly is a bespoke service. You can find before and after shots of their work on their Facebook page, Bella G Vintage. I met Gayle in her beautiful home surrounded by her work.

How are you leading a life "doing what you love"?
I am doing what I love. For 9 years I have painted for family and friends. About 6 months ago I picked up 2 antique dressers. I fixed them up and had them in my home. Someone spotted one and offered me money for it. Then soon after, the other was sold. Now people are coming to me to do their own furniture. We work on a variety of pieces, liaising with our clients to create the look they want in their home. It's enriched my life. It's also had a domino effect. I'm happy, the children are happy, Stephen, my supportive partner, is really happy and the house is working really nicely. The work/family balance is good because I'm working for myself and setting my own pace. A happy mum makes everything else come together and flow nicely.